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Ribeira Sacra


The Building

Ribeira Sacra Apartments are built upon an ancient house, which was completely restored with traditional building materials. While retaining its traditional feeling it has been renovated in a modern way. From a traditional house, we built three lovely, bright and comfortable apartments. They were open in 2013.

A Casa Azul

The names of our apartments are a tribute to the splendid Ribeira Sacra´s nature. There is one smaller apartment, with capacity for 2-4 people, called“Bidueiro” (Birch). The others are bigger, with capacity for 2-6 people each, called “Castiñeiro” (Chestnut) and ”Carballo” (Walnut).

Come closer the blue windows to discover them:

Once inside, you will find our apartments the idyllic holiday home to discover the Ribeira Sacra.