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Ribeira Sacra

Things to do

Welcome to the Ribeira Sacra, an area in inland Galicia which is home to spectacular natural landscapes such as the Sil River Canyon–the region’s best known attraction– and a valuable artistic heritage.

O Canon do Rio Sil

Nearby attractions

The Ribeira Sacra has many interesting places to visit. To enjoy stunning scenery, you may go to the following viewpoints to observe the wonderful Sil River Canyon:

  • Os Torgás (Balcóns de Madrid)
  • Triguás, Pena da Cividade
  • Cabezoá
  • O Picotiño
  • A Costa.

Pasarela do Rio Mao

One of the best ways to enjoy the Sil River Canyon is by catamaran; there are several routes of different durations. The closest pier to our apartments is Santo Estevo.

You can also visit the Mao River´s Footbridge, where you will find a recently restored A Fabrica da Luz.

O mosteiro de Santa Cristina

Culture & Heritage

The Ribeira Sacra has one of thehighest concentration of Romanesque architecture in Spain. To know about Ribeira Sacra´s history, we highly recommend you to visit some of the most outstanding monuments of Spanish Romanesque:

  • Monastery of Santa Cristina de Ribas de Sil
  • Monastery of Santo Estevo de Ribas de Sil
  • Monastery of San Pedro de Rocas
  • Monastery of Montederramo
  • Monastery of Xunqueira de Espadañedo

You could visit the recently discovered San Victor’s necropolis of Roman ages with a high archaeological value.

Leisure and sport activities

Walking or hiking will allow you to enjoy nature as its best, because the Ribeira Sacra is a privileged spot for the lovers of this activity. There are very interesting routes:

  • River Sil Canyon – Monastery of Santa Cristina
  • Chestnut and hazel fields route
  • River Mao Canyon Route

There is a walking route homologated PR-G 98, Sil Canyon – Monastery of Santa Cristina de Ribas de Sil. It´s a circular route of 18 km with beginning and ending in Parada de Sil’s main square. It passes in the most part for old ways to crop vineyards. In the path you can see mills or old construcions used as ovens or sequeiros (to dry hazelnuts), as well as the Monastery of Santa Cristina de Ribas de Sil.

You could also go to Entrambosrios, where you can visit the mills and the ancient chestnut.

Riberia Sacra is home of the well-known Ribeira Sacra’s wines.We recommend you to visitsome wine cellars: Valcar, Leiravella e Ronsel doSil. Mao River´s beach. Rabacallos pier in Sil River, especially indicated for canoeing and other water sports.